Does hearing loss affect me socially?


If you or a loved one has untreated hearing loss, your brain is already working harder than someone without hearing loss.

Untreated hearing loss takes more energy:

  • It’s harder for the brain to interpret the signals from the inner ear.
  • Your brain is constructing meaning from missed sounds.
  • Energy spent guessing at what’s been said.
  • Figuring out context for missed words.
  • Reading lips and concentrating on facial gestures and body language.

All that extra effort can leave you feeling drained by the end of the day. And because the energy spent offsetting hearing loss is diverted from other parts of the brain, cognitive functions like problem-solving and memory can also suffer.

Studies show that untreated hearing loss can negatively impact our relationships with family and friends and particularly with those closest to us, such as our romantic partners. Research is pretty clear that untreated hearing loss can be a major source of stress, especially among couples.

Hearing aids can reduce social fatigue.

If hearing aids are recommended, they will ease listening effort in social situations.

Hearing aids isolate the sounds you want to hear and put the sounds you don’t want to hear in the background. While it’s not possible to restore lost hearing completely, hearing aids help fill in the gaps for your brain that hearing loss creates.

Hearing aids assist by:

  • Making it easier to hear sounds and speech in different listening environments.
  • Amplifying sounds you want to hear.
  • Reducing background noise.

If you already have hearing aids

It’s important that you don’t  “get by”  with your current hearing aid settings if they’re not working optimally in this listening environment. Adjustments can be made that will help you hear better.

 A Hearing Professional will:

  • Adjust hearing aid settings for trouble in background noise.
  • Set your hearing aids to your specific prescriptive level.
  • Explain program settings for a temporary volume boost or added clarity.
  • Show you accessories such as remote microphones that pair to your hearing aids and help you hear a single speaker in a noisy environment like a coffee shop.
  • Set up Bluetooth™-enabled hearing aids to stream calls, TV, and music.

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