“Great product, great service, had other hearing aids at other providers and they never measured up, keep up the great job.”

Ronald H.

“I could not be happier with my decision to buy my Oticon hearing aid from Paul Retey at Inlet Hearing. I tried another device from another company and I knew the difference when Paul fitted me for a much better device for the same price as the competitors lower quality unit.”

Dale G.

“I’ve had a lot of experience with hearing aids as a caregiver for my mother and husband, so when it came time for me to choose hearing aids, I knew what I needed. I wanted hearing aids that were self adjusting, barely visible in the ear canal with no annoying whistling sounds. I went to Inlet Hearing for a free exam. Paul Retey was professional and caring. His recommendation was spot on. Paul made weekly adjustments for me to get use to my new hearing levels until my hearing was perfect.

Thank you Paul Retey. It’s wonderful to hear my grand children’s voices so clearly. My walks on the beach and wooded paths are wondrous with sounds I hadn’t heard in years.”

Ruth M.

“Paul did a great job explaining the differences in the various types of hearing products that are available. He fit me with hearing aids that fit my lifestyle. He’s great with service after the sale. I didn’t realize how much I’d been missing until I had hearing aids. Thank you Paul!”

John D.

“I had been having problems with my hearing aids for a couple of years was referred to Inlet Hearing from a gentleman at Walmart. I came to Paul and he took a different approach to my problems. I came away with a new sense of hearing. I have a better outlook on my hearing, a better quality of life and everyone around me see – hears a new me. I can talk on the phone and communicate much better. His office was a God sent for me & my family.

Gary G.

“Buying a hearing aid today can be a challenge. I am so please that I went to Inlet Hearing Center for my hearing aids. Dr. Paul Retey made me feel very comfortable. He was very professional and caring and helped me make the right choice in hearing aids.

I am so pleased with them and it gets better every day. I can hear the things that i was missing before and don’t have to ask people to repeat everything. I would highly recommend Inlet Hearing Center and Dr. Retey.”

Werner S.

“Like many other hard-of-hearing people, I grew tired of going to hearing specialists who carried only one brand of hearing aid and who put on the hard sell, no matter what my real need was. What a pleasure to meet Paul Retey, an ethical board certified specialist whose goal is to help people hear better.

He used his experience to test and determine the characteristics of my hearing loss, and then used his engineering background to select the hearing aid that suited my particular need. Being able to use a convenient no-interest payment plan was helpful too. I am grateful for Paul Retey’s experience, expertise, and his help.”

Susan T.

“I am amazed of what all I can hear now. I’ve been singing music for over 55 years and had no clue what the loud sound had done to my hearing. Dr. Paul invited me in for an exam and with each test he thoroughly explained each one and what it was used for. After they were finished he showed me how much I had lost and how to cure it. He fitted me with the proper hearing aids and again I was amazed at what I’d been missing.”

David J.

“I could not be more pleased with Inlet Hearing/Paul Retey. My needs were met in a very pleasant, accommodating and fair manner. Paul is very knowledgeable and very patient compared to previous experiences in the hearing world, I would not hesitate to recommend Inlet Hearing to anyone.”

Carole M.