How CaptionCall Empowers Individuals with Hearing Loss?

Unlocking Communication Freedom

Since 2010, CaptionCall has been dedicated to fine-tuning its captioned telephone service, ensuring individuals with hearing impairments receive the best possible experience. Moreover, the integration of Bluetooth technology allows for seamless pairing with hearing aids, further enhancing the communication experience.  In a world where connectivity is key, phone conversations are a vital part of daily life. But for those with hearing loss, staying engaged in these conversations can often be challenging. That’s where CaptionCall by Sorenson Home Phone Call Captioning steps in, revolutionizing the way individuals with hearing impairments experience telephone communication.

Imagine eagerly anticipating your phone calls, knowing that quick, accurate closed captions will appear on a large screen, allowing you to focus on your conversations with confidence, catching every word effortlessly. With CaptionCall, the power is in your hands – customize the experience to your liking, exploring all the features, or simply pick up the phone and talk, secure in the knowledge that you won’t miss a thing.  Unlike traditional phones, the CaptionCall phone that accompanies your service boasts a large interactive screen, enabling you to activate phone call captioning and read the text of your conversation in real time. And the best part – there’s no cost for those with hearing loss who rely on captions to use the phone.

To qualify for CaptionCall, individuals must have hearing loss that necessitates the use of captioned telephone service. The registration process is straight forward, requiring completion of an easy self-certification and providing mandatory information. CaptionCall is part of the federal government’s Internet Protocol Captioned Telephone Service (IP CTS) program, mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to ensure equal access to telephone calls for people with hearing loss.  Funding for this invaluable service is sourced from fees collected by the FCC from telecommunications companies. Rather than customers bearing the cost directly, the FCC reimburses each minute of captioning service provided by Sorenson. This funding model underscores why the service is exclusively available to individuals who rely on captions due to hearing loss.

At its core, CaptionCall operates just like any other phone call, but without the struggle to hear. Through innovative technology, it transforms phone conversations into text, displayed on a large, auto-scrolling screen as the dialogue unfolds.  Whether you have a landline phone service, high-speed internet, or a smartphone, CaptionCall connects you with ease. Plus, with two free installation service options available – Red Carpet Service with in-person installation and hands-on training, or self-guided installation with virtual trainer support – getting started has never been simpler.

CaptionCall isn’t just a phone service; it’s a gateway to communication freedom. Join us today and rediscover the joy of effortless phone conversations, regardless of hearing ability.