How often do I need to change my hearing aids?

That’s a great question! “Over the years we’ve addressed this question with many of our patients and their loved ones”.

On average a hearing device should typically be replaced about every three to six years or so.

The answer is usually a bit more involved. Several factors may figure into whether it’s time you update your hearing instruments.

⦁ Level of the hearing instrument technology
⦁ Condition and performance of your existing hearing devices
⦁ Quality of Care and Maintenance throughout use
⦁ Potential changes in your hearing ability or listening lifestyle

Potential signs you need new hearing technology:

Your Level of Hearing Has Changed

Your hearing changes over time because of age, loud sounds, or other health issues. Most often we can make adjustments to your programming, but sometimes your hearing changes so much that you require an advanced level of technology.

Technology is always Evolving

Now Hearing Aids have advanced background noise filtration, no need to replace rechargeable batteries any more, tinnitus software, Bluetooth streaming from most Smartphones and Tablets.  Even detection for falling, built-in voice translation, and many more features depending on the device.

Your Device is Malfunctioning

You’ve been good to your hearing aids. You do all the recommended maintenance, but things still aren’t right: Replaced batteries drain quickly or the charge doesn’t last long; sound is still muffled after a through cleaning. A repair may be needed from time to time, but regular malfunctions mean it’s time to replace your devices.

New Interests or Lifestyle Changes

When your lifestyle changes, your tech might need to also. Became more active or start an exercise program? You’ll probably need moisture resistance. New Job? You’ll likely experience a different noise level now.

Hearing at your best is more critical than ever today— If you think it might be time to update your hearing devices or just have questions and want real answers, please don’t wait. Contact us today to schedule a Free Consultation with one of our licensed specialists.

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